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The most common questions about your Home Insurance Coverages. 

Home Coverage FAQs

How does my deductible actually work?

When you have a loss you will receive a payment minus the deductible amount that is stated on your policy. 

What is Water Back Up Coverage?

Water Back Up / Sewer Sump Pump Coverage will pay for any and all necessary clean up in the result that your sump fails or drain overflows and water causes damage to your property.  This coverage is an additional coverage that is added at the time of purchase or can be added at anytime during the policy period. 

What do I do if i am not sure if I should turn a claim in or not?

We always recommend calling our office at the time of loss. We can discuss the severity and the nature of the claim and give you an indication of what would be appropriate. Not all claims exceed the deductible amount.

I already have a discount on my home owners policy for an alarm system. Since that time, I have added cameras? Is there any discount for those?

There is no additional discount for cameras at this time. However as companies evolve, we present these ideas to them.

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